War and Peace 1×6

War and Peace 1×6 - Episode 6

2016 2016-02-07

As the French advance into Moscow, Natasha and her family flee their home for the countryside. They take war casualties with them and discover that Andrei is among them. Natasha begs Andrei for forgiveness and he confesses that he still loves her. Andrei later dies, with Natasha and his sister, Marya, by his side. Back in Moscow, Pierre is captured by the French, almost shot and then imprisoned. He is befriended by Platon Karataev, a peasant who has a profound effect on Pierre’s outlook to the deepest of levels. A pregnant Helene is unable to reach Pierre to gain consent for divorce and she subsequently dies of an overdose. Sonya releases Nikolai from their engagement and he instead becomes engaged, and later married to, Marya. The French retreat from Moscow and Pierre is eventually rescued by Dolokhov. Pierre later marries Natasha and starts a family.

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War and Peace 1×6 War and Peace 1×6 War and Peace 1×6 War and Peace 1×6 War and Peace 1×6