Attack on Titan 1×9

Attack on Titan 1×9 - The Whereabouts of His Left Arm

2013 2013-06-02

The Recon Corps led by Captain Levi and his squad successfully retake a town from the Titans until they are called for an emergency at Trost as the Titans have invaded the city. When Eren was eaten and swallowed by the Titan, he finds himself in its stomach along with bodies of its victims, some of whom are still alive. His anger over the Titans causes Eren to burst out of the Titan’s stomach by transforming into a Titan himself and goes on a rampage against them. When Eren regains his consciousness, to his confusion, he, Armin, and Mikasa are surrounded by the Army who are aiming their weapons at him. It is revealed that after Mikasa and the others saw Eren emerge out of the Rogue Titan, they all agreed to keep it a secret and bring him back inside Wall Rose. However, Commander Kitz Weilman and his men did see it and has Eren cornered with Armin and Mikasa defending him.

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Attack on Titan 1×9 Attack on Titan 1×9 Attack on Titan 1×9 Attack on Titan 1×9