Attack on Titan 1×6

Attack on Titan 1×6 - The World She Saw

2013 2013-05-12

Armin awakens to find himself surrounded by Connie’s squad. As Connie shakes him back to his senses and questions him on the whereabouts of the rest of his squad, he only breaks down into tears. Ymir deduces that everyone else is dead due to the destruction around them. As Connie offers his help, Armin declines and make his way back to the rear guard. While maneuvering through the city he painfully accepts the reality of their world, likening it to hell and recalls that he tried to be strong so that he could walk the same path as Eren and Mikasa. He encounters Hannah trying to resuscitate a presumably dead Franz and bursts into tears at her hopeless struggle to save him. Meanwhile, the city’s top merchant tries to force his cargo through the small evacuation gate and refuses to let anyone pass until his cargo is safe. As the crowd grows impatient due to panic, a lone Titan starts approaching at high speed from the rear, but is cut down at the last second by Mikasa.

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Attack on Titan 1×6 Attack on Titan 1×6 Attack on Titan 1×6 Attack on Titan 1×6 Attack on Titan 1×6